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Webinar on Leishmaniasis

A webinar on Canine Leishmaniosis will be held on October 10th, 2020 in cooperation with ECUPHAR and UNISVET by two members of the CLWG:
Dr. Xavi Roura “How to treat a dog with leishmaniasis and renal disease”

Dr. Silvia Benali “Renal leishmaniasis ……. at the microscope”

The webinars recording presented by Prof. Zatelli (When the canine leishmaniasis prevention improve the renal function) and by Prof. Lubas (From the clinical case to the diagnosis of leishmaniasis in the dog) are available on the Ecuphar company website ( subjected to the website registration. Have a good view and continuing education.

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In order to streamline the study above different features of canine leishmaniasis the following three subgroups have been established:

Management and implementation of studies and protocols on canine leishmaniasis: Dr. Michele Maroli (coordinator), Dr. Nunzio D’Anna, Dr. Luigi Gradoni, Dr. Alessandra Fondati, Prof. George Lubas, Prof. Saverio Paltrinieri, Dr. Xavier Roura, Dr. Andrea Zatelli, Dr. Eric Zini

Nephrology and Leishmaniasis: Dr. Andrea Zatelli, Dr. Xavier Roura, Prof. Michael Day, Prof. Oscar Cordellas, Dr. Silvia Benali.

CLWG management and promotion: Prof. George Lubas (coordinator), Dr. Paola Bianchi.