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CLWG activity in the first semester of the year 2017

The CLWG Scientific Meeting was held in Rome on July 14th, 2017, at the Santa Prisca Hotel, in Testaccio district. The CLWG devoted large part of the meeting to discuss few scientific study projects that actively involve some members of the group and in particular:

  • Retrospective histopathological study for the immunohistochemical and biomolecular search of Leishmania spp. on the skin of cats with ulcers in the head and neck, coordinated by Dr. Fondati.
  • Evaluation of clinical and laboratory remission times in dogs with proteinuria associated with leishmaniasis under different therapeutic-management protocols, coordinated by Dr. Zatelli and with the collaboration of Prof. Paltrinieri and Lubas and Drs. Gradoni, Roura and Zini. An additional supplementation of unsaturated fatty acids products was discussed as well as the administration of specific foods for renal disease in subjects involved in the study. The recruitment of cases in the Puglia area was also presented.

The assessments of few study areas that are currently underway by the members of GSLC have been continued:

  • Comparative analysis of the characteristics of all topical compounds found in the Italian market for the prevention of the flebotomus bite (project under the supervision of Dr. Fondati, Maroli and Gradoni). The investigation has been widely debated and it has been proposed to widen the survey also to other countries in the Mediterranean such as Spain, France and Greece and prepare an article that can disclose this scientific news in all the countries of North Europe. In fact, North European veterinarians are interested in dog which travel with their owners in the Mediterranean area.
  • Develop a questionnaire to be sent to field veterinarians in Italy to know what advice the professional provides to the owners about the prevention of leishmaniasis. The products included in the survey include both topical products (choice of type, instructions for use, possible side effects) and systemic product such as vaccine or domperidone (instructions for use, possible side effects) (project managed by all CLWG members). For this purpose, a leader company in web questionnaires settings (Survio) has been involved. The process of the collected data will require the collaboration of experts on administering the questionnaires to obtain useful results.
  • Development and reevaluation of some algorithms for the diagnosis of leishmaniasis in accordance of what has been published so far and with the last contribution prepared by some CLWG members. See also download section of this website, article no. 53.
  • The possible association between leishmaniasis and neoplastic diseases and / or immunosuppressive treatments and / or antineoplastic treatments was discussed. Clinical evidence in this regard is scarce and fragmentary. Surely it is an interesting topic to explore.

Finally, the participation of CLWG members at a meeting of the Formev Association (, to be held on November 12 (Sunday) p.v. in Bari was discussed. The seminar is titled "Interdisciplinary Seminar on Canine Leishmaniasis" and will have as speakers Paltrinieri, Maroli, Lubas, Roura and Zatelli. As Chairman, will intervene prof. Domenico Otranto. In the download section can be downloaded the day schedule. A new CLWG meeting will be held on November 11th.


The webinars recording presented by Prof. Zatelli (When the canine leishmaniasis prevention improve the renal function) and by Prof. Lubas (From the clinical case to the diagnosis of leishmaniasis in the dog) are available on the Ecuphar company website ( subjected to the website registration. Have a good view and continuing education.

From today in order to download the contents available on this website (Download: Publication and scientific material) the registration of the guest is necessary.

From the clinical case to the diagnosis of leishmaniasis in the dog

Prof. George Lubas, chairman of the CLWG, will held the day June 22nd starting from 1:30 pm a web seminar on Zoom platform on the SCIVAC-EV web site whose title is “From the clinical case to the diagnosis of leishmaniasis in the dog”. This on-line event is part of the continuing education plan of the Ecuphar firm that support all the scientific activities of the Canine Leishmaniasis Working Group.

In order to streamline the study above different features of canine leishmaniasis the following three subgroups have been established:

Management and implementation of studies and protocols on canine leishmaniasis: Dr. Michele Maroli (coordinator), Dr. Nunzio D’Anna, Dr. Luigi Gradoni, Dr. Alessandra Fondati, Prof. George Lubas, Prof. Saverio Paltrinieri, Dr. Xavier Roura, Dr. Andrea Zatelli, Dr. Eric Zini

Nephrology and Leishmaniasis: Dr. Andrea Zatelli, Dr. Xavier Roura, Prof. Michael Day, Prof. Oscar Cordellas, Dr. Silvia Benali.

CLWG management and promotion: Prof. George Lubas (coordinator), Dr. Paola Bianchi.