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the continuing education and updating the activities of veterinarians.

Second semester 2011

In the second semester of 2011 the autumnal meeting of CLWG was held in Rome (November 4th) where the activity plans for 2012 has been outlined. In this occasion the resignation letter from Dr. Alberto Crotti was discussed. Dr. Crotti was the referent of the CLWG for oftalmology and his specific activity considering his competence was mainly directed toward to the relationship between leishmaniosis and ocular diseases.

Members of CLWG, expressing regret for Dr. Crotti decision accepted his resignation highlighting his professional activity that was of great help both for the scientific side and the link with SCIVAC-EV. The competence of Dr. Crotti will not covered inside the CLWG. Whether in the future, consultation about this scientific field Dr. Crotti will be contacted primarily.

Members of CLWG finalized also the discussion of the research project whose title is: “Evaluation of clinical and laboratory remission times in dogs affected by proteinuria associated with leishmanioisis that underwent to different therapeutic-management protocols”.

In the same meeting the scientific background that is based the action of domperidone (Leisguard®, Esteve) in the control of canine leishmaniosis was evaluated. The CLWG has not yet given his opinion about the efficacy of domperidone, as the scientific background supporting this drug is not yet largely demonstrated from publication of a series of papers in peer-reviewed international journals.

Finally, a draft of guidelines about prognosis and monitoring of canine leishmaniosis was discussed. In addition, the CLWG and Hill’s Pet Nutrition agreement for the next year 2012 was settled. Hill’s Pet Nutrition was the company that constantly supported the several scientific activities of CLWG.


Prof. George Lubas, chairman of the CLWG, will held the day June 22nd starting from 1:30 pm a web seminar on Zoom platform on the SCIVAC-EV web site whose title is “From the clinical case to the diagnosis of leishmaniasis in the dog”. This on-line event is part of the continuing education plan of the Ecuphar firm that support all the scientific activities of the Canine Leishmaniasis Working Group.

Michael Day, Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Pathology who almost completely carried out his scientific activities at the University of Bristol, UK, passed away on day 10th of May 2020.

In the CLWG meeting of Rome held on February 21st, 2020 the application of Dr. Silvia Lucia Benali as effective member has been approved. Previously, Dr. Benali was acting as honorary member. The participation of Dr. Benali as effective member will support the knowledges on the renal histopathology which are a key point in the disease induced by leishmania (please refer to the curriculum vitae)

In order to streamline the study above different features of canine leishmaniasis the following three subgroups have been established:

Management and implementation of studies and protocols on canine leishmaniasis: Dr. Michele Maroli (coordinator), Dr. Nunzio D’Anna, Dr. Luigi Gradoni, Dr. Alessandra Fondati, Prof. George Lubas, Prof. Saverio Paltrinieri, Dr. Xavier Roura, Dr. Andrea Zatelli, Dr. Eric Zini

Nephrology and Leishmaniasis: Dr. Andrea Zatelli, Dr. Xavier Roura, Prof. Michael Day, Prof. Oscar Cordellas, Dr. Silvia Benali.

CLWG management and promotion: Prof. George Lubas (coordinator), Dr. Paola Bianchi.